Syracuse Labrador Mountain Warrior Run is fuel the fire for extreme enthusiasts

January 31st, 2012 by

Warrior Run comes to Labrador Mountain with the same pulse punding grind it out 5k short distance extreme race.

Are you ready for a real test ? Tired of the same old things, looking for something that tests your endurance, strength and your fortitude all in a short distance challenge ?
Warrior Run Mountain Series has created a series of heart pounding challenges, on a extreme mountain course.
The stage is set up, crowds of people have all come together in strange and funny outfits and make up. Friends join together to make teams that come in team style apparel ranging from the team emblazoned in pink tutu’s to the ones with Pegasus wings on their head and feet. Warrior Run brings people together, with an extreme run, an extreme after party and entertainment all set up. Step up to the start line where a helicopter and ambulance sit only a few hundred yards away. Hearts start to race in anticipation of a wave that consist of 500 hundred other competitors awaiting their signal to Warrior Run. A loud buzzer sounds and within a second your running like the bulls of Barcelona with 500 other adrenaline fueled hearts beating in rhythmic aggression where each breath seems to take eternity and then it comes smashing back as you test your body in this elevation changing 5k obstacle filled course littered with mud, fire a wind tunnel and anything else they can throw at you. Warrior Run is a fun way to tackle you doubts inside yourself, Do you have what it takes to do Warrior Run ?